Climb. Honor. Remember.

This morning, a memorial stair climb was held at the lobby of the Guam International Airport.

The event was coordinated by United 4 Veterans and included several of the island's local and federal firefighters, customs, and TSA officers. Brandon Sana is with the Guam Fire Department and the nonprofit Fire Organization for Activities and Morale and says the event was done to honor and pay tribute to those who fell victim to the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

"What we want the community to recognize is that even though we're all the way out here, it's still very important to recognize what happened almost 20 years ago and how Guam has the highest military per capita, we've also lost over 60 sons and daughters since 9/11," Sana said.

The event had participants climb the east and west departure stairs and included moments of silence.