GovGuam's longtime employee health insurer is working on a smooth transition to the new contractor. Calvo's SelectCare says it's been flooded with calls and messages from members asking what to do following yesterday's big announcement.

Calvo's SelectCare Administrator Frank Campillo said they were disappointed, but right now are focused on helping members deal with the change.

"We are receiving numerous calls from our members wanting to know exactly what's going to happen next, about their enrollment, their health care continuation," he said. "And we provide the best possible answers to them. It is very encouraging to see and hear all of these members that are calling us and they are emailing us with very good thoughts and very good feelings about what we, our employees at Calvo's SelectCare have done for them for the past 18 years."

"I'm very proud of what we had done and what our team has done for the G


overnment of Guam employees," Campillo said. "I think we step up in many areas. We were there when nobody else wanted to be there for GovGuam."

He said they changed the market by pioneering new member benefits like gym memberships, referral offices in the Philippines, and most importantly they provided rebates based on their medical loss ratio.

"Our carrier Tokio Marine, which is actually the underwriter of our insurance program, also has returned in excess of $24 million to the Government of Guam since 2011," he said.

He says GovGuam should change its annual RFP process which is too tedious, to one similar to the federal government's.

"What we suggested to the Government of Guam is look, qualify the offerors once, it won't matter if there is one or 20, just put a ceiling on what you're willing to pay on a single, the couple and the family on both the active and retirement employees, adjust it for inflation, and the process would be simplified rather than the process that we have today," he said.

Campillo said they're reviewing their options like any company would do at this time.

"We still remain the largest health insurance company in the island," he said. "We have a large membership in the commercial market and the federal market, and we believe that membership will continue to increase. And our employees will continue to service our members in the best way possible, and we will be ready for GovGuam again."