Water, water everywhere, that's what the rest of the week looks like according to the National Weather Service.

Heavy rains drenching Guam thanks to a weather system that is kind of staying put in our region.

"The main culprit is this monsoon trough that's been nearly stationary over our region for several days," NWS meteorologist Landon Aydlett said. "Now within that trough, we have this tropical disturbance invest are 95w people know it on social media. We've been watching that as it went from southeast of us near Guam yesterday and now west of us this is the driving factor for the weather in the region."

Aydlett says we'll see rain and thunderstorms through the week and three to five inches of rain during the weekend.

The NWS meanwhile reminds the public typhoon season is here and preparation is key.

"This is the time of the year and of course we're working with Homeland Security since this is National Preparedness Month," Aydlett said. "So this is a good time to make sure you have your preparedness plans in place because we are nearing the end of September right now and so peak typhoon season is right around the corner. So we've been very fortunate so far this monsoon trough is behaving ok and it hasn't spit out any typhoon for is locally, but we have a lot of season leftover."