No facetime, just Facebook from Congressman Michael San Nicolas.

In response to the official filing of a complaint Friday with Guam Election Commission by San Nicolas former chief of staff, John Paul Manuel, the congressman posted on Facebook that "it is clearly orchestrated to cause maximum political damage by being filed at 5 p.m. on a Friday- 3 am in DC.... we are unable to receive a copy to review and comment.

He went on to write that "all allegations of my wrongdoing are baseless."

Manuel told KUAM he plans to file more complaints with other entities this week.
Manuel alleged in his complaint that he had a screenshot of a chat regarding an over the limit $10,000 donation to San Nicolas from a prominent head of a local chamber of commerce group.

KUAM reached out to the businessman, however, our calls and messages were not returned as of news time.

Meanwhile, news of the allegations facing San Nicolas has reached the news wire. A story was posted on the San Francisco Chronicle website today.