It's one and done for the public school system's first week of the new year. KUAM News spoke with Guam Department of Education  Superintendent Jon Fernandez for an update on the teacher and one-to-one aids shortages.

It's been an ongoing issue-teacher and one-to-one school aides shortages. In the past the numbers reported have been significantly higher, but yet again the school year begins with vacancies.

"We still are in the process of continuing to hire for any vacant positions," Fernandez said. Earlier today, I was informed that our teaching our classroom positions, we have about 12 vacancies that are still pending. So that's not too bad. We are making progress from where we used to be."

As when the GDOE counted before the school year there were about 50 openings. And as far as one-to-one aides.

"We are still seeing a lot of turn-over," Fernandez said. "I think out of 300 we are down to probably 20 to 30 positions still needing to be filled. Again, its such a hard thing to track and to address because the numbers have gone up. Just yesterday we were informed there were four resignations because of the part-time status."

Every day, it's up and down, Fernandez said and despite this shortfall, he is happy with how the school year started thanking the Guam Police Department, Fire Department and National Guard for welcoming the students back.

"We have such an excellent, I think an excellent start to the school year and I am really thankful for the police officers and the firefighters and our guardsmen and guardswomen," Fernandez said. "That really made an impact."

GDOE is encouraging those interested in employment to contact its human resources department at 475-0496.