One man, Sedfrey Linsangan is taking a stand against Guam's marijuana Law that makes it legal for adults to smoke recreationally, and the government argues for dismissal based on lack of standing.

In district court, Judge Joaquin Manibusan heard from both sides in a motion hearing for summary judgment. Linsangan makes the argument of a controlled substance act violation and Organic Act violation and also highlights on the due process the government of Guam took to legalizing marijuana.

"The due process is just another reason because the procedural due process was also violated," Linsangan said. "I indicated about the town hall meeting and at the same time they were voting in the legislature. They should have waited a few days and hear the people relay their issue on the pros and cons of marijuana. It could have changed the outcome of the vote."

The government also argued that under the Controlled Substance Act, Guam can pass laws related to marijuana so long as they do not create a positive conflict with federal law. Linsangnan says he has injury of fear and insecurity because of the increase of crime resulting from the legalization of marijuana.

Judge Manibusan heard the motions and plans to make a recommendation to the chief judge.