As part of the Archdiocese of Agana's bankruptcy case, 5 p.m. today was the official deadline for all sexual proofs of claims to be filed with the District Court of Guam related to allegations of clergy sex abuse.

More than 220 claims have been filed and in the past four days, KUAM has learned of several new complaints that were filed in the District Court of Guam.

Two of which are new allegations of sexual molestation perpetrated by former Archbishop of Agana Anthony Apuron. According to a complaint filed by SSS to protect his identity, he alleges that when he was a minor between 1987 and 1988 Apuron tied his hands to a pew in the small chapel at the Cathedral and sexually molested him. In another complaint filed by an individual identified as WWW, he alleges that while he was an altar boy in Agat and Apuron was the parish priest he allegedly sexually molested more than 30 times.

In April, Apuron was stripped of his title and exiled from Guam after Rome upheld its verdict finding him guilty of sexual abuse against minors. Following the verdict, Apuron maintained his innocence claiming he was a victim of a group plotting to destroy him.

Additional complaints were filed against Father Andrew Manetta, Father Raymond Cepeda and Father Daniel Cristobal.