Autopsy results confirmed the 33-year-old Keith Castro's death was caused by a gunshot wound to the torso. And today the defendant, Joshua Palacios, charged for the fatal shooting, entered a not guilty plea.

"Let the record show sir that you are waiving your reading of the indictment today, is that correct?" attorneys read out to Palacios who appeared via teleconference. 

"Correct," he responded.

"That you are pleading not guilty, that you are waiving your right to a speedy trial, that you requested a jury of 12 that request grant and so order," the attorney continued. 

Palacios' next court hearing will be with presiding Judge Alberto Lamorena. A time and date has not been set.

As for the co-defendant Thomas Taitano, he also appeared in court.
The Public defender's office, representing him filed a motion for withdrawal, due to a conflict of interest. Taitano was appointed assistant alternate public defender Shinju Flynn. His arraignment hearing has been continued to Aug. 21 at 2 p.m. allowing for the counsel and Taitano to meet.

Castro's family was also present in court, however, declined comment at this time.