Students from all 41 Guam Department of Education schools will be eligible for free school meals again.

This is made possible through the GDOE State Agency for Child Nutrition programs working with the community eligibility provision.

Superintendent Jon Fernandez says expanding the program to 100 percent of schools does result in slightly higher costs for the department, but they feel it is a worthwhile investment.

"When our students come into school they are able to eat breakfast and lunch without having to pay any money for the meals, we've been able to do this through the community eligibility provision that was provided by the United States Department of Agriculture and so one hundred percent of our schools are participating and this year it will continue to do so," he said. "So any of those parents who are wondering if their kids are going to be able to eat or if they are going to have to pay, this year their kids just need to come to school, they will be fed and we want to make sure they are ready to learn when they get into the classroom.

Fernandez said there is a demand for the food options as the number of students utilizing the free breakfast and lunch has increased significantly over the past year. The school menu can be viewed on GDOE's website under the "back to school" page.

For more information about the CEP program call the Guam State Agency for Child Nutrition Progam at 300-1263.