Senators held confirmation hearings today for a pair of boards with time-sensitive issues pending.

They're trying to fast track appointees for the Contractor's License Board and the Regional Transit Authority. Former Port and GHURA controller Rena Borja is under consideration for the Contractors board, which as Sen. Jim Moylan notes, faces a backlog of hundreds of applications.

"Trying to get a quorum I guess is the problem," he said. "I think what's important is all these board members are able to come regularly to assist the director to get the contracts approved."

"And I do realize that they are waiting for members to be on this board so that they can get the work going so," Borja said. "I'm ready."

Sen. Jose Pedo Terlaje also welcomed the nomination of longtime educator and administrator Alejo Sablan to the Transit Authority board. Terlaje says time is of the essence on various pending projects.

"There's like over a millions of dollars that's been set aside for the Guam Mass Transit Authority since 2014 and if we don't expedite these appointments of the board members then we might lose those millions of dollars," he said.

"I have a deep interest in the mission of the agency, which is to provide a safe and reliable transportation system for the people of Guam," Sablan said.

The nominations will be forwarded for consideration by the full legislature, possibly by the next session.