The governor is back on island after traveling to Chuuk with some major updates. The Maga'haga says that CBD confiscated by the Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency will be released.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero says that Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency will release confiscated CBD products. "We are going to release it but I have asked public health to monitor it very closely," she said.

She says the main concern is the labeling of CBD products in retail as not approved by the FDA. Officials say more research on its effects must be done. There is no proposed timeline of the items' release.

Meanwhile, it's been a month since the Governor announced that war claims would be administered by the local government. She tells us that Assistant Secretary for Insular and International Affairs Doug Domenech is on board, though meeting the promised July 21 deadline is uncertain.

"Letter have already been out for those people who have been adjudicated through the foreign commission and then we are thinking that the U.S. Treasury is going to send out another letter asking the claimants for consent to give their information to Government of Guam," she said.

The Maga'haga is back on island after attending the 3-day Micronesian Islands Forum in Chuuk and comments on pending matters after her arrival. She says while she was not able to speak to Rear Admiral Chatfield, who was in Chuuk, about the denial for a pause, she was able to discuss Guam's political status with fellow Pacific Island leaders.

"I informed them that we are working aggressively to get education going and to hopefully get the self determination done within a few years," she explained.

She says she solicited their support to approach the matter through the United Nations.