The Mayors are seeking a $1.2 million increase in their fiscal year 2020 budget.

A hearing was held on the $13.8 million spending request today. About $9 million is to cover employee salaries and benefits. The Mayors Council of Guam is also asking for $240,000 for various renovations at the senior citizen centers.

Meanwhile, Mayors Council Director Angel Sablan floated the idea of charging a fee for resident verifications, to offset increased costs.

"We may get flack for this, but it's something worthwhile proposing," he said. "The MCOG needs to recover its cost for this service and all funds collected should go to each village for maintenance of their computers, copier machines, and replenishment of supplies. If any of you have gone to the Dededo Mayors office, its like Grand Central station in the morning. There are people lined up and seated outside just waiting."

Sablan says many other agencies charge for this type of service, and the Mayors should too. He adds that the verifications should only be valid for 30 days.

"We say thirty days because when the Dededo mayor gives the verification, those residents can move in the next two weeks to another village and they'll still claim they're still residents of Dededo because nobody changes the verification when they go in for their SNAP, they go in for their driver's license, they go in for their REAL-ID," he said. "And so that's the reason for that."

Sablan did not specify how much they'd charge for resident verifications. He asked if there were any senators who wanted to draft proposed legislation.