Custom Fitness is wrapping-up their Youth Rugby Camp tomorrow with their 3rd session of the summer. Head Coach Brian Ramiro was joined by assistant coach Steve Sablan, former US national team member Zach Pangelinan and coach Jerome Artero. First time player Linda Camacho says despite not knowing the game she enjoyed the tackling and hitting most of all.

Linda Camacho, a first-year player, told KUAM Sports, "I joined the camp because I was interested in joining for high school and so I really wanted to learn the basic fundamentals first. I didn't know any of these girls before the camp and it was good because they're actually going to be my future classmates and the camp also gave me a chance to meet new girls."

The camp also taught players basic nutrition for the sport, injury prevention, mobility & stretching, recovery, laws & spirit of the game.

Coach Sablan added, "It's really awesome to see new players come out. It shows that there is a lot of talent out there and we just need to find it. And that was the whole idea of the camp, was to get new players and current players that have never played tackle before to get that experience to prepare them for the next level, which is the high school."

Camp participants also got to get in some game time experience with scrimmages after going through their workouts.

Sage Calvo with the GRC Junior Barbarians said, "I like the camp because my friends are here and I get to tackle them and the uh, it teaches you to get better at your passing, your tackling and your hitting. How to ruck better and just progress my skills."

The focus of the camp is to introduce the sport to new players and to get the younger ones ready for the next level. Rugby continues to grow on island and the coaches say they are excited for the next wave of talent coming into next year's high school season.

"Well, since I didn't know the game at all, they've broke it down to me in a non complicated way. So now I understand it more. I'm looking forward to playing for high school now that I know more and now that I experienced what it feels like to even pass on the field and tackle," said Camacho.