Senators spent much of today's session discussing amended legislation that would completely separate the academy charter schools from the Guam Department of Education. The bill establishes a new budgetary and organizational process and provides for an annual budget independent of GDOE. Co-author Sen. Amanda Shelton added a new section today that creates the Academy Charter School fund.

"The fund shall not be commingled with any other fund, and shall be kept in a separate bank account administered by the Department of Administration," she said. "Strike out the Guam Academy Charter School Council, and be replaced with Department of Administration, for the operations of Guam Academy Charter Schools. The Guam Academy Charter School Councils shall make quarterly reports of expenditures from the fund and transmit said reports to I Liheslaturan Guahan and the office of public accountability."

Under the bill, academy charter schools will receive a tuition amount from the general fund equal to the number of students enrolled, multiplied by the per-pupil cost. Legislative session resumes tomorrow afternoon when a vote is expected on several measures relating to charter schools.