Bill meant to jump-start the local film industry drew strong support during a public hearing today.

The measure would move the Guam Film Office from GEDA to PBS Guam, which now has more experience and expertise in the industry. PBS General Manager Ina Carillo says, for example, they can help attract international and domestic film companies who want to take advantage of Guam's tropical scenery as the backdrop for their productions.

"But they also have to be aware of the topography and know that there is a resource on island to help scout locations and provide actual assistance in filling critical positions that may be required to produce a film, commercial or documentary," she said. "And we will be able to provide that assistance to prospective filmmakers by pairing them with local experts that they may require."

She says a GEDA study predicted the industry could potentially bring in about $15 to $30 million a year. Carillo adds that the film office will also help support the budding local film industry.