More ancient CHamoru artifacts discovered today at the site of what will be the Live fire training range access road in Machanao.

State Historic Preservation Officer Lynda Aguon tells KUAM News her office was notified of the site's discovery this afternoon. This marks the fourth site since May to be discovered by the military on buildup construction sites.

A letter from Marine Corps Activity Guam to Aguon dated June 17 reads "latte period ceramic shatters and a broken basalt lusong" have been discovered. The MCAG archeologist called the findings "significant."

Aguon said she toured some of the sites last week and was surprised to see that artifacts at one site had already been removed. She also found an ancient CHamoru ax or adze, freshly broken at the site.

In an email to military parties, Aguon asks that artifacts from this latest site not be removed as her office has not yet approved a work plan to address this latest site.