Another individual has filed a lawsuit against the Capuchins. She is identified as MJR to protect her identity.

She is an adult now, but when she 13 to 14 years old, she was allegedly sexually molested and abused by now deceased Monsignor Jose Ada Leon Guerrero.

The alleged abuse happened while she was a part of a study club at the Catholic church in Asan where the monsignor worked and lived upstairs.

In one instance MJR alleges that he convinced her to drink wine which he called the "blood of Christ." She alleges he then raped her. When she reported the incident to her guardian, she was scolded for making an accusation against a man of God, who as such is not capable of such a vile act.

She is seeking a jury trial and up to $5 million in damages. MJR is represented by the Lujan and Wolff law firm.