A book launch was held recently at the University of Guam Lecture Hall marking the end of a ten-year journey for the publication. The Indigenous Literatures from Micronesia is an anthology of provocative works by Micronesian authors, which seeks to fill the gap in Micronesian literature in the classroom.

The book's editors are Dr. Evelyn Flores and Dr. Emelihter Kihleng and it includes creative and critical works from various writers like Dr. Michael Bevacqua and Victoria Leon Guerrero.

The event had performances from chanters, singers, writers and artists who showcased the oral and written traditions that encapsulate literature in the region.

If you would like to get a copy of the book they run for $30 and can be purchased at the UOG Bookstore or on Amazon. For more information on upcoming events like this one visit the Indigenous Literatures from Micronesia Facebook page.