Incumbent Democrat candidate for senator


Vice Speaker Therese Terlaje is the Chairperson for the Committee on Culture and Justice, which deals with all matters relating to Cultural Affairs and Chamorro Heritage, including the arts, language, self-determination, political status, the United Nations, the Commission on Decolonization, indigenous rights, the preservation of historic and cultural sites, as well as matters relating to Justice and Legal Affairs, including the Judiciary of Guam, the Public Defender Service Corporation, the Department of Law, the Compiler of Laws, all statutes of penal nature, or relevant to consumer rights and consumer affairs, and the Office of Public Accountability.

Vice Speaker Therese Terlaje is a Chamorro, born and raised in the village of Yo’ña. She is the eldest daughter of Attorney and Former Senator Edward Salas Terlaje and Shirley Coulter Terlaje, has 10 siblings and has raised three daughters. Therese received her Juris Doctorate in 1989 from the UCLA School of Law, holds a Biology degree from Creighton University in Nebraska, and is a graduate of the Academy of Our Lady of Guam, class of 1981.

Prior to being inaugurated into the 34th Guam Legislature as Vice Speaker, Therese worked for 27 years as a small business owner, an attorney, and as professor at the University of Guam. She was counsel in the cases that forced the government to implement the Chamorro Land Trust Commission and the Earned Income Tax Credit.