He only lived on Guam for a year, but his journal's now timeless. The book titled a "Year on the Island" recently winning a gold medal book award, the first for Guam.

It's a story of an American lieutenant's one year on Guam. "He went and he recorded all the flora and fauna on the island he was also a linguist so he wrote the first English-Chamorro grammar that was ever done," said Jillette Leon Guerrero, President of Guamology. She says that with pictures drawn by Judy Flores, she was able to launch the book "A Year on the Island of Guam" in 2016. It compiles the journal entries of Edward Safford from the year 1899 to 1900, a time period of transition often forgotten, recounting not only his story, but the story of over 100 Chamorro families he met on Guam.

"There's over 100 families mentioned in here it's the history of him coming and working changing Guam from a Spanish colony to an American Administration but he also talks about the personal things," said Leon Guerrero. The book recently winning a gold medal at the Independent Publisher Book Award for the Best non-fiction book for the Australia/New Zealand and Guam Region.

When she first heard the news, Leon Guerrero was in shock. She recalled, "I couldn't believe it, of course they called at 1:30 in the morning, it's interesting this is the first book from Guam that's ever won."

She has this advice for any aspiring Guam author: "You need passion, if you have passion you can do it if it's something you're passionate about, something you want to do, don't let anything stop you just do it."

The book is available at Bestseller Bookstores, Faith bookstore and online at Guamologyinc.com.