Vacate the trial court's decision and assign a new judge. That's what defense for ex-cop David Manila requested from Supreme Court justices during oral arguments on Wednesday morning.

Manila, who was convicted for his role in the Blue House brothel lounge case, was sentenced to 30 years behind bars.

Though he appealed his jail term and won, the same result was reached in his re-sentencing.

Defense attorney Terrence Timblin argued the trial court failed to address the fact that half of Manila's convictions had been thrown out. "What did this court mean when it remanded the case to the superior court with the statements 'given these vacated convictions it is appropriate for (David) Manila to be resentenced?'"

Supreme Court Justice Robert Torres said, "The court has that discretion to impose the same sentence, a lesser sentence, or even a greater sentence in light of the vacated convictions."

The government meanwhile argued no such bias existed, that statute was followed and asked justices to affirm the trial court's decision.

The matter was taken under advisement.