NAME: Jose Chargualaf
RACE: Mayoral
PARTY: Democrat
VILLAGE: Inarajan
CONTACT:  Francis Naputi, 828-1217


I am the oldest of 8 brothers and 6 sisters of the late Jose and Rosa S.N. Chargualaf of Inarajan and the late in-laws Catalina and Lorenzo Mesa Blas of Barrigada.  I am married to Lolita B. Chargualaf, four children: Loretta C. and Donald Maeder of Iowa, Steven C. and Betty Jo Chargualaf of Baza Gardens, Christine C. and Jack Tudela of Rancho Camacho, Talofofo and Glenn C. and LeAnn Chargualaf of Malojloj.  We have 4 grandchildren and soon to be 6 great grandchildren.

I graduated from San Jose State University (Calif.) with a B.A. degree in 1967, returned to Guam July 1967and right away I started working for the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services under  the Dept. of Education as a Counselor.  Transferred to the Dept. of Corrections in 1970 as a CorrectionsSocial Worker III, retired from Dept. of Corrections June 1990 as a Correction Social Worker Supervisor and Acting Social Worker Administrator.

Living with my parents, brothers and sisters, I helped in some of the projects along with many volunteers in the village we constructed the basketball court, repair and added two rooms for the Escuelan Pale classes at the front section of St. Joseph Catholic Church.  In the 1960's Father Paul parish priest at that time requested and assigned me to work and update the church ledgers of St. Joseph Church.

In 1968, I was elected by the residents of Inarajan to serve as Chairman of the Inarajan Social Improvement Club.  I managed and oversaw the construction of the Inarajan Seaside Swimming Pool.  Together with the late Commissioner Joaquin S.N. Diego we requested the late Joaquin Camacho and Tomas Fejeran to deed over portion of their properties where the swimming pool is now located.

I was elected Chairman of the Board for Gef Pago in 1993 and successfully acquired a federal grant for the grand opening of the now Gef Pago facility in Inarajan