NAME: Victor Gaza
RACE: Senatorial
PARTY: Democrat
CONTACT:  Marc Watanabe (988-9630) / David C. Santos (646-7926)


Vic Gaza is seeking your vote and support for the 2016 election. He would be proud to serve the people of Guam and face the challenges head on, for a stronger, healthier and happier island community.

Vic is a true lahimu. Born on New Year’s Eve 1968, Vic was a celebration for his family. He is the youngest son of Rudolfo Bolicano Gaza, Sr. (of Nueva Ejica, Philippines) and Eva Untalan Bautista Gaza (of Guam), and the grandson of Leocaudio Bautista, Antonia Camacho Untalan Bautista Perez and Tun Pete Diaz Perez. Vic is deeply rooted in Guam’s culture and heritage, and celebrates the fact that he is a descendant of his caring great-grandmother, Juana Arriola Camacho Untalan, and his hardworking great-grandfather, Francisco Dela Cruz Untalan. Vic remembers his childhood fondly with memories of fiestas, and village gatherings, spending time with his siblings, cousins and friends at beach barbeques, and playing in the quiet tropical atmosphere of Hagatna, Agana Heights, and Tamuning. Many of his life lessons came from times spent with his sisters, Marilou G. Dimalanta and Melinda G. Tagatac, and his brother, Rudy B. Gaza,Jr., and of course from his highly-respected and influential grandfather, the late Pedro Diaz Perez, who served as a Senator in the Eleventh Guam Legislature. As a boy, Vic was raised to understand the meaning of family, respect, and compassion. His grandfather played an inspirational role in his life, taking a special interest in Vic’s goals and dreams. He taught him to help others, to always listen with intention, and to work hard for the common good for the island and his community. Vic carries with him the inspiration and traditions of his grandfather, and hopes to apply them in public service.

Vic's education includes former Agana Cathedral Elementary School, St. Anthony Catholic School, and he is a Father Duenas Memorial School graduate in the class of 1986. Vic continued to further his education through a few off-island colleges, and he graduated with a degree in Communications and Business Management from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Vic uses his gained knowledge and skill set to not only get the job done, but to encourage our younger generations to work hard, and to get those later degrees and certifications. Vic believes there is a place for every descendant of Guam to make this island their forever home, living a life of health and prosperity. He has worked in the public sector in various positions for both senators of the Republican and Democratic parties, as well as the Deputy Director of Land Management under Governor Felix Camacho’s administration. He has held a number of management positions in the private sector and has a well-rounded career of service and community relations through positions in the Guam Marianas Lions Club for the last ten years.

Vic hopes to address many concerns as a Senator. He is passionate about cutting government red tape, that takes too much time away from entrepreneurs and busy professionals, and that continues to discourage and deflate the initial enthusiasm of business ideas. Vic also plans to find a solution to the overinflated gas prices endured by Guam drivers, and hopes to reach common ground with a transparent and honest index. In the first 100 days of office, Vic will address these issues as well as work to put more officers on village streets to make our island a safer and more secure place to live, work, and raise families. Vic Gaza hopes that you feel as strongly about these issues as he does, and that you give him your vote in the upcoming election.