NAME: Ellery Paz
RACE: Senatorial
PARTY: Republican
VILLAGE: Barrigada
CONTACT:  Rhoda Gaba Orallo, 489-1978/929-2710

Ellery Mejia Paz

Lives in: Yigo/Grew up in Leyang Barrigada (Born in the Philippines)

Education: University of Guam, Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice 

                  (Fall 1999)  

                  University of Guam, Masters in Public Administration

                  (Fall 2014)

Military: USAF for 2.5 years as a Medical Technician, separated in 2005 with rank of E-4

Profession: Teacher (Inarajan Middle School 2000-01/08, Untalan Middle School 2010) and Law Enforcement Officer (DOD Police Officer, El Paso, TX 2002-04, Juvenile Detention Officer, Bexar County, San Antonio, TX 2006, Guam Customs and Quarantine Academy 2009, Guam Police Department 2015-16

Licenses and Certifications: Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) 09/19/2002

Document Fraud Program (El Paso Intelligence Center) 05/08/2003

Law Enforcement Certification Course (US Army 76th Military Police Battalion Provost Marshall) 06/0/32003

Juvenile Detention Officer (Texas Juvenile Probation Commission) 10/17/2006

Certificate in Criminal Justice (Guam Community College) 05/2009

Certificate of Completion (Civilian Volunteer Police Reserve Program) 03/05/2010

Certificate of Training (Guam Police Department) 03/9-11/2010

Local Briefer Training Course (Army Community Service) 05/02/2011

Local Instructor Training Course (Army Community Service) 04/08/2011

Local Facilitator Training Course (Army Community Service) 10/19/2011

Advanced Tactics & Active Shooter Training (Guam Police Department) 04/20/2013

Advanced Pharmaceutical Narcotic Investigations Training (Department of Public Health and Social Services) 07/23-25/2013

Ethics in Government Train the Trainer Qualifier in compliance with 4 GCA 15410 (University of Guam) 04/2014