A video posted on social media and sent to KUAM News has led police to launch an investigation into a case of extreme animal cruelty.

WARNING: the linked video contains activities that sensitive viewers may find disturbing

"I went to see the dog and realized he could not walk. I took him to Wise Owl. And he's going through surgery right now. It looks like both legs are broken and he's going to have a major surgery right now," stated Alfredo Bustamante, talking about his pit bull, Rex. Rex is one of two dogs who were abused early Friday morning by Bustamante's employee.    

For the last year, the man caught on camera punching and throwing his pets to the ground was tasked to maintain the yard and feed the dogs.

While Rex undergoes surgery for two broken legs, Bustamante says the other dog, Lucky, appears to also be badly injured. "This is something I didn't expect from someone who was working for me, to do this," he added in disbelief.  According to Bustamante, his employee quit early this morning. Upon resigning, the two engaged in a heated argument, prompting Bustamante to call police.

It wasn't until later however did other employees who were working at Bustamante's house installing a canopy shared the upsetting video with the homeowner. "To punch him with all your strength and to raise him above your head and then to smack the dog on the ground - that's not humane," said Bustamante.

"I'm trying to think why you would do that. Especially in front of people. People is watching [sic]. The four guys were there watching him. The four guys were there telling him stop! Stop! And he didn't want to stop," he said.

While police are actively searching for the man, the island's territorial veterinarian, Dr. Tom Poole, reminds residents on the island's strict animal cruelty laws. if it's as bad as you describe, definitely it would qualify as a felony from what you described. Those penalties imprisonment and heavy fines," he stressed. "If we can identify this person, then we'll definitely be working with the Guam Police Department and the Attorney General's Office to try and prosecute him."

Guam Animals In Need (GAIN) board member Cyrus Luhr adds that the video is extremely disturbing, noting, "We as a community don't accept this sort of violence and if anyone sees such incidents, we encourage them to immediately report it to authorities."

Bustamante thanks the community for their support and hopes all will wish Rex and Lucky a speedy recovery. 

"Once again," he pleaded, "please pray for my dog that he recovers. And thanks so much for everything."