From politics to Percocet, former senatorial hopeful and failed Agat vice-mayor candidate Derick Baza Hills appeared in court today on drug charges. But he wasn't alone in the act, as joining him today was the woman whose name was on the prescription meds.

27-year-old Derick Evan Hills, better known to constituents of Guam as "Derick Baza Hills", appeared via videoconference at the Northern Court of Guam from the Hagatna Detention Facility. He wasn't alone, as in court was 25-year-old Sarah Mae Uche, who was arrested with Hills on Tuesday for related charges.

According to court documents, the two have known one another for two-and-a-half months, but give conflicting accounts of what unfolded.

Court documents state it was on Monday when Seventh-Day Adventist Clinic pharmacist Kenneth Lee phoned police, stating Sills had presented him a prescription for Percocet containing the Schedule Ii Controlled Substance, Oxycodone. Hills allegedly presented the Dependent ID of Sarah Mae Uche, who he claimed he was picking up the meds for.

Lee suspected the prescription was bogus when he realized the doctor's signature belonged to a physician no longer on Guam's Controlled Substance Dispensing Registry.

Upon meeting with police, Hills agreed to a search of his person and vehicle. On him, they found a prescription container with "14.5 of the pills" [sic], which listed the same doctor in question. In his vehicle, police found prescription papers bearing the same doctor's name - some filled out and some complete.

When officers contacted Uche, she said her ID had been missing and that she was aware that "Hills had snorted Oxycodone in her presence because he had a drug habit."

Uche told police she was treated by the doctor in question back in May 2015 and prescribed Oxycodone and Hydrocodone as a result.

Hills however told police that Uche contacted her to come to her work to pick up a prescription for her at SDA and gave him her Dependent ID and written authorization to do so.

Hills stated this wasn't the first time the duo picked up pills - over the weekend they had traveled together to MegaDrug where Uche filled a prescription for Hills while he waited in the car.

Today, Hills and Uche were both released on a $5,000 performance bond each.

While Hills has retained Attorney Randy Cunliffe, the court appointed Uche the public defender. Their release includes the following conditions. "Each of you will be released on the condition that you come to all your court hearings. Each of you will be released  on the condition that you have no contact, stay away from, do not threaten harass or assault any of the employees or patrons of the Seventh-Day Adventist Clinic, and specifically pharmacist Mr. Kenneth Lee," it was announced by Judge Alberto Tolentino.

Meanwhile, the court would've ordered the duo to stay away from the physician who filled out the fake prescriptions, but that individual is no longer on island. His Honor also continued to say, "I note that on the Magistrate's Complaint and the declaration that the alleged doctor is not named. There isn't." Cunliffe replied, "It indicates that he's no longer on Guam. That's what the order says."

Hills was charged with Acquisition of A Controlled Substance by A Fraudulent Prescription, Possession of A Fraudulent Prescription, and Possession of A Schedule II Controlled Substance. Uche was charged with Attempted Acquisition of A Controlled Substance by A Fraudulent Prescription - all as 3rd degree felonies.

Although Uche will be allowed to return back to work at a Tamuning bar, she is prohibited from consuming alcohol.

As for Hills, he is employed with the Department of Education as a limited-term teacher at Inarajan Middle School. According to DOE deputy superintendent Chris Anderson, the agency will be investigating as well, but cannot release any further information because it is a personnel matter.

According to KUAM News archives, Hills worked for both Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo and various senators, in addition to serving in the U.S. Army for six years.

Both Hills and Uche are set to appear in court again on September 15.