All southern residents should have water by now, as full restoration was completed on Tuesday at 9pm. But even though there's total restoration, what's coming out of taps now has some residents concerned.

A resident from Merizo sent us a rather curious video on Facebook - even though they're water has been restored since last weekend's Tropical Storm Goni, they're not sure they want to put it to their lips.

A nice tall glass of white colored tap water - would you drink it?

Guam waterworks authority interim general manager Mark Miller says tests have been conducted, giving the water the all-clear. "There's really no concern at this time because the Guam EPA and GWA have gone out and tested the water for chlorine disinfect and we found it at every tap that is a designated tested area," Miller continued.

Although the situation may appear to be clouded in controversy, Miller says the reason for the milky appearance is a result of tiny bubbles. "That is definitely air bubbles working its way out of the system air I know when people think air bubbles they think large air bubbles but in this case those are defined oxygen bubbles working their way out," he said.

The interim GM recommends letting your tap water sit for about 20-30 minutes, and it should clear up. The utility agency stresses that all tests made by GWA and Guam EPA have come up clear and the water is deemed safe to drink.

But, if you're still flooded with concerns  about the quality of your water give GWA a call at 646-4211.