In this current state of emergency, IP&E’s Shell Stations are working with Government Officials to safely open Shell locations for fueling to the Island.  To ensure that fuel is available for all government emergency recovery vehicles and first responders, Shell Station operators will be limiting fuel sales to fifty dollars per fuel transaction. Shell Stations are working with the Department of Public Works and the Office of Homeland Security in this measure to provide assistance in stabilizing the island as safely and quickly as possible.

IP&E Shell Station Fueling Update by Location

Stations Open to General Public from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

V-Power & Diesel Available at Shell Puerto Rico, Shell Gualo Rai, Shell Highway Express, and Shell Susupe. Only V-Power Available only at Shell Airport.

Shell Koblerville: Open to Government Official Emergency Vehicles Only

IP&E employees are working diligently to provide services at all other stations. 

Stations will be closing at 5pm today.