Rather than live in fear the rest of her life, one survivor of sexual assault is using her experience to empower others. The Monique Baza Story is an effort to bring the true-life events to the big screen to raise awareness on a growing problem on Guam.

"Everybody. Anybody we can reach. Anybody who is out there who is struggling. Who feels like they don't have a chance. Or there's no hope. Anybody who's out there who needs help. That's who we're trying to reach. Anybody within the system that feels defeated," said Baza herself. It was three years ago she made a quick trip the bakery for bread. When she returned to her car, a man was hiding in her backset where he proceeded to kidnap, rape, and rob her.

"Raymond Camacho will be sitting in jail for the rest of his life. He got life without the possibility of parole," she detailed.

Right now the project is a four-minute movie concept trailer, but Baza's hope is to bring a full-length feature film to the big screen by this time next year - a project that's estimated to cost close to $100,000 - and a project she's hoping the community will invest in to bring awareness and provoke change. After all, the fight didn't stop when Baza was freed from her attacker.

"I'm not the only victim that's out there. There's still many victims out there. And there's still many victims that are having a hard time, having struggles in their own stories" she told KUAM News. "This project hopefully will empower them to see that they're not alone. That what they're going through is actually common amongst all victims. The emotions, the fight, the struggle, the defeats sometimes. It's out there to hopefully give them some empowerment and to continue their own fights. But the story is so important because we need to break the silence amongst our own community."

For more information on how you can donate to the cause and to view the trailer in its entirety, visit The Monique Baza Story page on Facebook or the project's Indiegogo page.