Guam may have been spared over the weekend from Mother Nature's wrath, but our neighbors in the north took a beating from Typhoon Soudelor last night. Jillian Angeline with KSPN2 News in Saipan reports massive destruction in Saipan due to a direct passage of the eyewall over the island.

"Trees are down, over 100 power poles are down now, and there's no timetable for restoration for power, water, or wastewater, the CUC met with a federal dept. of energy representative. He flew in with FEMA who are here to assess damage and the needs.  The CNMI Ports Authority has not made a decision on when the airport will reopen. Only after the runway is free and clear of debris will arrangements be made for relief flights. About 400 people have taken shelters all around Saipan. It's a minute-by-minute assessment," Angeline detailed.

CNMI Acting Governor Ralph Torres has declared the commonwealth in a state of major disaster and significant emergency.