A woman who allegedly posed as a travel agent dropped the ball for Team Guam. Over the weekend, the Guam Girls Fast Pitch Softball Team showed up to the airport ready to begin their journey to represent our island at the World Series in Delaware.

It was a big upset for the girls, coaches, and their families. Bags packed and ready to go, they learned they couldn't board the plane - that's because the agent entrusted to purchase their tickets never did so, and there were no reservations under their name.

It was a curve ball in Team Guam's journey to the World Series. On Saturday, the team filed a complaint with the Guam Police Department for "theft of property held in trust." the amount they allege was stolen? $38,000. The suspect? The woman who claimed to be a travel agent selling discounted airline tickets, Frances Manglona Quinata.

The money was either fundraised or out of pocket from the families. This money was intended to be spent on travel to Sussex County where the girls would compete against other regional champions for the chance at the Little League Softball World Championship.

Fortunately, the little league was able to pull a fastball and reimburse travel expenses in time for team Guam to board a plane early Sunday morning.

According to parent Roseanna Castro, the 14-member team and their three coaches arrived to their destination safely.

"They arrived just a couple of hours ago into Philadelphia. They flew into Philadelphia. It's about a three hour drive into Sussex, Delaware. They got to their hotel about an hour an hour and a half or two hours ago. They've received their uniforms and they're getting some rest. They play their first game today at 5:30. So it's 3 o clock in the morning right now in Delaware. They're trying to rest up for their first game this evening," she said.

According to GPD spokesperson Officer AJ Balajadia, the case has been forwarded to the Criminal Investigations Section. Meanwhile, anyone with information is urged to call Guam Crimestoppers.

Quinata is described as Chamorro, in her 50s, brown hair, brown eyes, and standing at 5'1''-5'2''.

If you have any information, the number to call is 477-HELP (4357).

The championship game is set for August 8 with Team Guam anticipated to make their homecoming on August 10.