The Guam Memorial Hospital has plans to relocate staff in the z-wing of the hospital as the building has been deteriorating. Administrator Ted lewis has set his sights on demolishing the wing for safety reasons, telling KUAM News, "It's a building that has been deteriorating for a few years and the hospital has known that and we have just come to a point where it's time to start moving into the future in terms of that it's not really salvageable in terms of being able to remodel it."

He says that the z-wing is a separate building from the hospital and does not house any patient services and does not pose any safety hazards to customers, noting, "So we are in the process of planning now to move the staff it is totally a non patient area. It's all non patient care business type functions that are in there so we are in the process of planning now the relocation for those staff to other sites within our departments and areas. There are a number of different locations within our site here as well as we have some empty office space down at the SNU, so there is obviously it connections and phone connections that have to be worked out."

He says this will happen within the next few weeks. Once all the personnel have been relocated he says they are not in any hurry to demolish, adding, "What I was suggesting was that we don't deem that building would be remodel so the next step would be demolishing it but there is no hurry that that has to be done right now."

Once the building is demolished he says they are thinking about using the area for additional parking, or rebuilding. "Additional parking additional services additional office space there's many different things that can go there," said Lewis.

He says they have not made any determinations at this time.