It's a story that has the Guam Police Department at odds as two of their own have become the focal point of an ongoing homicide investigation. Veteran GPD officer Bert Piolo was fatally shot in the chest last week Monday, with the alleged shooter being fellow officer Mark Torre, Jr.

On Friday, a superior court grand jury returned a true bill.

He's charged with murder, manslaughter, and aggravated assault, and he'll answer to the charges on July 29. This after the GPD officer of five years was indicted by a superior court grand jury today.

It was last week Monday Piolo was shot in the chest at Torre's home in Yigo. As we reported, Piolo is heard in 911 recordings calling for help to hurry - that he was shot in the chest and bleeding out.

When asked by the dispatcher who was with him, he says Mark Torre before the phone call disconnects.

In Piolo's second call to 911, he's asked to put Mark Torre on the line. Torre confirms he's Mark Torre, Jr. before stating "He's very feisty ma'am. He's very feisty" and "bring everybody here."

Piolo is audible in the background saying "lt, help me. I'm dying. I'm dying. He shot me. He shot me."

Torre was also treated at the scene as he was distraught and hyperventilating. Under his shirt, he was seen wearing an empty gun holster. Inside Piolo's Tacoma truck parked outside the Yigo home, police observed blood droplets and puddles of blood along the driveway. Inside the truck, an expended shell casing was recovered from the center console and a black colored pistol on the driver's side dashboard. The gun reportedly belonged to Torre.

Torre was arrested and charged and released shortly after on house arrest. Although bail was set at a half million dollars, Torre was released on a $165,000 property bond.

His next court appearance is his arraignment set for next week.

Piolo's family and close friends held a peace rally and are calling it "Justice for Bert".

Last respects for Piolo are scheduled for Saturday from 9am to noon at Santa Barbara Church - upper level in Dededo.