On Tuesday Guam Police Officer Mark Torre, Jr. was charged with murder, manslaughter, and aggravated assault for the death of fellow officer, Elbert "Bert" Piolo. Today, the courtroom was filled with relatives of the suspect and victim involved in Monday morning's fatal shooting in Yigo. Today, Torre posted bail - $165,000 cash or property.

He's a free man...for now.

Officer Torre has been released on house arrest to third party custodians: his grandmother, his mother, and his wife. Although bail was initially set at a half-million dollars, his attorney, Jay Arriola, argued the amount was excessive. Instead, Torre posted a property bond for $165,000, which is property owned by his grandmother.

Emotions ran high as both sides sat alert - waiting for the judge's ruling on whether Torre should be released.

According to Assistant Attorney General Matthew Heibel, the Piolo family opposed Torre's release and the conditions proposed by defense.

The court agreed with some issues presented by the prosecution. Specifically, Judge Michael Bordallo raised concerns relative to the defendant's father, Mark Torre, Sr. a lieutenant with the Guam Police Department. According to the magistrate's complaint, Torre Sr. may be called as a witness during the trial because he was there the morning of the shooting and even provided directions to dispatchers at 911 to his Yigo home - the scene of the alleged crime. The defense noted that all the Torres live in a three-story home, but each floor a separate unit and exclusive from the other.

Ultimately, Judge Bordallo ruled on Torre's release on house arrest but with strict conditions including Torre have no contact with his father or anyone at GPD. He is also banned from alcohol and weapons and must surrender his passport.

As we reported, 911 recordings from that night show Piolo phoned 911 twice stating he had been shot in the chest and bleeding out. When asked who he was with, he identified Torre. The first responders to the scene noted Torre was drunk and under his shirt wore an empty gun holster. In Piolo's Tacoma truck on the scene, a black pistol was on the driver's dashboard that reportedly belonged to Torre.

As a veteran GPD officer serving over 15 years with the force, Piolo's spent many years assigned to Special Ops, specifically Executive Security. He was detailed to Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio and his wife, Attorney Naoko Shimizu. In response to Piolo's passing they have issued the following statement: "I'd like to ask for the community's prayers for the families, friends, and coworkers of all those involved in Monday's tragic event. My wife and I pray that God would bring wisdom, strength, and healing to this situation."

Torre's next court hearing is set for July 24.