Governor Eddie Calvo is formulating a strategic plan for the future of Guam, and he wants your input to make it a reality.

"Back in 2009 when Governor Calvo was first deciding to run for governor, one thing he noticed was that there was so much focus on the military buildup," explained Troy Torres, strategic planning advisor for Adelup. He said Calvo was worried about what would happen after the buildup. Would the island be able to sustain itself? How could Guam avoid an economic downturn in the years that followed?

That's where the idea for the Imagine Guam program came into play. "Imagine Guam is going to develop a 50-year strategic vision for Guam, and it's called Guam 2065," Torres continued. The process aims to create a holistic vision that will guide policymakers as they formulate decisions regarding culture, technology, education and more. Torres added, "What can be our reality over the next 50 years and then put it all together to see this one vision of Guam - and the reason that's important is because we've never had one before."

He added, "So let's say there's a vision of Guam 50 years from now where the population is going to be 400,000 people, let's just say, and we're always going to keep the value that we're not going to develop the southern part of the island beyond a certain point. And so maybe that means we need some skyscrapers in certain areas of the island."

Torres said the strategic vision will allow policy makers to identify next steps and challenges that can be addressed now in order to make the vision a reality down the road. But the focal point needed to get the program started is the involvement of the community. The governor is asking community members to provide feedback on a list of thirteen questions that will help government officials to define the values prioritized in the strategic plan.

Torres said, "We want to hear it all, so you can call the Governor's Office at 472-8931, ask to speak to me, or you can e-mail" You can also post your answers to the governor's page on Facebook. The first forum to discuss these questions will take place July 9, at 2pm, at Government House.

Imagine Guam 13 questions

1.        What is our outlook on poverty, entitlements, and the role of social services?
2.        What do we expect should be our level of production for our consumption, and how will that affect our import needs and our export goals?
3.        How would you describe the importance of the Chamorro language to the future of Guam’s society and economy?
4.        What do you feel should be the role of Catholic/Christian traditions in the governance of Guam in the future?
5.        And, what do you believe should be the role of Catholic/Christian traditions in Guam’s society?
6.        What is the role of culture and faith in the everyday life of Guamanians, and in the development of Guam?
7.        How will we travel throughout the island?
8.        How will we move goods throughout the island?
9.        What do you feel should be the role of the Government of Guam in Guam’s society and economy?
10.    What do you feel should guide the community’s approach to population diversity?  Should there be limits?
11.    Will we ever open the south to development?
12.    What does our environment look like?
13.    What amount of green space will we sustain, and will we build vertically to accommodate our desire for development and our need for a certain amount of green space?