It's not your typical case of sticky fingers. "It's frustrating to know that it was children," said Mayor Melissa Savares of Dededo. Over the three-day weekend, little thieves hit the northern village's Senior Citizens Center.

According to Mayor Savares, the unwanted guests gained access through a back gate and a bathroom window - where they then raided the refrigerator. "They didn't take anything of the value but they did break into the refrigerator and ate some snacks and ice cream that were stored there by the man'amkos. There was a padlock on the refrigerator so they evidently broke that and got in," she explained.

Although there was little to no damage reported to the facility, suspects left plenty of evidence for police. "Fingerprints were taken by police when they came by, but really tiny fingerprints," said Savares.

The mayor hopes this is a lesson for parents, adding, "My initial thoughts are where are the parents or who was the responsible adult that was with them at the time? One thing that we want to remind parents: know where your children are at. It's summertime. Have things for them to do. Give them chores and responsibilities around the house. And if they come home with things that you know wasn't given to them by a relative or a friend, find out where they got things."

If the suspects were hungry as a result of homelessness, she reminds residents of nightly feedings in the Dededo area. "We have a Korean Presbyterian church and with some other community partners feed the homeless Sunday through Fridays. They feed at 6 o' clock. They use the front porch of the senior center," the mayor told KUAM News.