They're a growing community here on island and they're hoping to clear the air when it comes to the misconceptions of gun ownership.

They aim to promote and protect second amendment rights of all Guamanians. "We wanted to create an organization that was a single unified voice as a supporter for Second Amendment rights and for gun owners on Guam," said Kenneth Gibbons, president of the Guam Gun Owners Association, a local non-profit created in light of the National Rifle Association. What started as a handful of individuals has grown to nearly 100 members strong since its inception a year and a half ago.

GGOA secretary Jason Young said, "Before we started this organization, there wasn't really anything for gun owners. And we were all kind of individuals who had a loose affiliation with one another. We may see each other here and there at the range." And there's power in numbers...and education. That's why the Guam Gun Owners Association is hosting a free Q&A for the public this Saturday.

Young said, "We're going to be trying to just broach some of the common subjects that we feel are somewhat gray areas inside Guam gun laws. The attorney general's going to come down. We've asked them our questions. We're really interested in the response."

One of the biggest misconceptions? The dangers of firearms. Gibbons said, "They're dangerous when you lack knowledge about them. But if you educate yourself you receive the training and you practice safe gun handling, they're not dangerous. A firearm is a tool. Plain and simple. It's a tool with a specific purpose. It's no more dangerous than a circular saw or a hammer. If its used properly."

Individuals who want to know more about Guam gun laws as well as how to obtain a firearms ID are welcome to attend the free event. "We really hope everyone comes out that has any questions about this," Young said. "It should be a great opportunity to hear the facts straight from the horse's mouth."

The forum starts at 1pm at the Hilton Guam Resort and Spa Gallery. For more information, visit the