June has been proclaimed Philippine Independence Month, and there is so much happening to commemorate the huge event. After over 300 years of colonization, the Philippines celebrates its 117th Independence Day on Friday, June 12. The holiday is synonymous with celebrations by Filipinos around the globe.

Filipino Community of Guam vice president Patrick Luces says Guam will host a celebratory ball Saturday, June 13, at the Pacific Islands Club. "We'll have a whole show of Philippine culture, music, dancing, food, and everything Filipino that you've seen out there and then you'll see it all under one roof," he explained.

The ball will feature Filipino art, food from different provinces, and cultural dancing. Luces continued, "These are the groups that do the drumming and do the dancing and paint themselves, you'll see a little bit of that as well as a little bit of the old cultural folk dance."

Press officer Kaye Custudio says it will also feature traditional Filipino outfits such as barongs and mestisas, adding, "Everyone's invited, not necessarily just Filipinos, so anyone who's interested can purchase tickets or just call us! My number's 929-2284."

The event will also be graced by Filipino celebrities and dignitaries including the governor of the Central Bank of the Philippines, who will be in Guam to celebrate the event with his family. Other events include a mass on June 14, and a Pista Sa Nayon fiesta on June 21. "The Pista Sa Nayon is more like our Filipino festival, like what we see like our Micronesian festival, or Japanese festival," explained Luves. "So you'll see a lot of the organizations coming out there having their local delicacies from their province, so it'll give you an opportunity to taste foods from the different provinces in the Filipinos. They'll have some crafts and some different cultural things from the Filipinos so we invite everyone to come out."

For more information on these events you can visit the Filipino Community of Guam fan page on Facebook or call 929-2284.