The woman arrested in connection to a stabbing that occurred in Agat over the weekend is being held on $100,000 cash bail.

21-year-old Sarah Lynn Castro Villanueva appeared in court today where she was charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault, both with special allegations for use of a deadly weapon in commission of a felony. Along with a stay-away order from the victim, Magistrate Judge Alberto Tolentino agreed with the people's recommendation of a $100,000 cash bail. "The court is entitled to consider that attempted murder as a 1st degree felony is punishable by law - the minimum 15 years to life in prison - and if they find a deadly weapon, that adds a minimum 5 to 25 years," he announced.

According to court documents, there are conflicting stories as to what unfolded early Sunday afternoon that resulted in stab wounds to the victim's back, cheek, and an injury to his elbow.

According to the victim, he and Villanueva got into a confrontation after she insulted his sister. Villanueva was armed with a knife and despite efforts to disarm her, he alleges she stabbed him. According to a witness, she saw the two lying on the couch parallel to one another. The two had been yelling at one another when she saw Villanueva move her fist in a downward motion. It wasn't until the victim stood up did the witness see blood running down his back. She told the victim and Villanueva to get out of her house. The two yelled profanities and threats to kill one another as they left.

Meanwhile, Agat resident Rico Charfauros tells KUAM News the defendant came running to him after she stabbed the victim. "But what allegedly happened was that the victim took a picture of the suspect and she asked him to delete it and stop playing around. He didn't listen. Then they got into a fight," Charfauros said. "Allegedly what she told me is that she was assaulted first. What had happened was the victim went to get a knife and she had a knife as well so they just stabbed each other."

Charfauros tells KUAM he and a friend brought Villanueva to the Agat Gym and called police. Court documents add that Charfauros retrieved the weapon the defendant gave to him after the stabbing - a stainless steel knife with a wooden handle. This wasn't the knife the defendant says she used however.

Although Villanueva corroborates statements about an unwanted picture, she says she used a folding pocket knife from her bag to stab the victim because she he went to the kitchen to grab a knife to attack her.

Villanueva says the victim put her in a choke hold from behind and hit her in the face and chest with a closed fist. That's when she stabbed him.

The victim was transported to the Guam Memorial Hospital and remains in stable condition while the only injury reported on Villanueva was a single laceration to her right index finger.

Despite a search of the scene, police were unable to locate the knife Villanueva says she used in the attack.

Villanueva's next court appearance is set for June 19.