The people of Agat will have a new vice mayor, as Kevin Susuico came out as the top votegetter following Saturday's special election.

Jessica Rohr says Agat is already a great place to live, but there's always room for improvement. "I'm just really looking forward to having an honest, straightforward, hardworking person as the vice mayor," she noted. "Someone that's more of a doer than a talker, for sure."

And for Philip Cruz, he wants the new vice mayor to pay attention to the people's concerns, adding, "I don't want the same old things. I want somebody fresh, educated and new."

And Susuico is hoping he can carry out these requests as the new vice mayor of the large southern village. Over the weekend, Susuico garnered the most votes out of five candidates during the special election. KUAM News spoke with him some issues he wants to address, and he said, "But moving forward, what we need to look at of course is what we want to do is start focusing on infrastructure, we already started working on youth sports, we want to continue and further that. Also, as far as cleanup in our community, we need to make sure that we kind of restore back into our community the beautification portion of that, focus on our man'amko and everything that comes with this job, and I'm very excited and I look forward to being with my community."

Susuico received 372 votes, or 26.7% of the total vote. Joseph "Benny" Salas came in second with 302 votes, followed by Jermaine Alerta with 279 votes, then Rowen Ann Malaga with 248 votes and Derick Baza Hills rounding out the list with 194 votes. There were a total of 1,407 ballots cast out of 2,383 registered voters in Agat with more than 59% coming out to vote.

And for Agat resident Harry Crisostomo, no matter who came out on top, they have to work hand-in-hand with current mayor Carol Tayama. "This is about the people of Agat and they work as a team. When you play ball, you can't win a game with only one, you need everybody there to win as a team," he shared.

For Susuico, it's at the top of his list, as he said, "The first thing to do is of course is we have to go and get settled in with the mayor, work hand-in-hand with her. She still has her goals in place and we need to respect her and her office that she holds."

And while the Guam Election Commission will wait 10 days to certify the results, Susuico says it's time to work with everyone who ran for vice mayors and the entire village to move Agat forward. "So keeping it together and keeping unified as one is our goal - hopefully we can continue with that on and lead with that legacy," he said.

The GEC will meet on June 19 at 4:30pm to certify the results.