Three days. That's how long Department of Corrections detainee Meisy Aliwis was on the run without anyone taking notice at the prison. The escapee told investigators just how he freed himself from the Mangilao compound.

provides the details as to how the alleged rapist escaped from the Department of Corrections.

It was a hop, skip, and a jump out of the prison for the 26-year-old Aliwis. Heavily guarded today, he appeared before Magistrate Judge Alberto Tolentino where he was charged with felony escape as a 3rd degree felony. Aliwis was captured Wednesday night in the Barrigada area - a little over 24 hours after he was discovered missing from the prison.

According to court documents, he says detainees are free to roam around Post 18 and under the cover of darkness Saturday night into the early Sunday morning hours he executed his escape. He started by using a blanket and pillow to form the shape of his body on his bed to make it look like he was still asleep. From his post he walked to the laundry room, which is open 24/7 and crawled under its chain link fence to gain access to the yard. He then climbed the fence, using the overhang of the laundry room to pull himself onto the roof. He then jumped over a chain link fence and razor wire before going to Post 28, also known as "The Dome."

From there, he made an opening in the razor wire and climbed the chain link fence before crawling under and out to freedom and into his girlfriend's arms in the Mangilao area.

Although his girlfriend Tachina Rosou knew he was supposed to be in jail, she cooked for him anyway and he later relocated to her aunt and uncle's home in Barrigada. Erontina and Isus Isak also knew he should've been in jail but did nothing to remove him from their home or call authorities. When he heard police were looking for him, he fled into the jungle and was apprehended early Wednesday night.

In court today, his bail was set at $50,000, with prosecutor James Collins saying, "In this case, the defendant has clearly demonstrated clear disregard for lawful authority. He also faces substantial potential incarceration both in the resolve of this case and the case in which he was incarcerated."

Also in court today, Aliwis made some allegations of his own. He said in his native Chuukese, "I have a question that those people who transported me from the Back Road [to Andersen Air Force Base] area were beating me up." Tolentino advised Aliwis to "talk to your lawyer".

Aliwis was initially arrested for rape back in October 2014. According to the 15-year-old victim, the two were on their way to the store when he took her to the Mangilao area, removed her pants and raped her. He continued to drive after the alleged rape and she made her escape by jumping out of the car in Yigo.

Rosou, Erontina Isak and Isus Isak were not arrested. The court ordered a warrant for their arrest and set bail at $1,000.

The Department of Corrections is conducting an internal affairs investigation into the escape. If Aliwis escaped on Saturday, DOC will now have to answer as to why it took three days to discover he was missing. Meanwhile, at the request of Senator Brant McCreadie, public safety oversight chairman Senator Frank Aguon, Jr. says he plans to conduct an investigative oversight hearing over DOC next month.