There's big changes to come at the Guam Police Department as Governor Eddie Calvo announced early this morning his choice for chief of police.

Joseph Cruz's record speaks for itself. "Whether it was service to our nation in our Marine Corps or in service as a police officer and a member of the SWAT team and also in the service he's provided our island and our nation in the Guam National Guard," Calvo said of Cruz's dedication to the United States and to Guam. As such, Cruz was the governor's appointment for chief of police.

"You're going to see that this transition will be smooth and this police department will be in good hands. I do also want to acknowledge in your educational background that not only do you have the credentials in both criminal justice, but also public administration, which I think is so important," he added.

Cruz succeeds outgoing chief of police Fred Bordallo, who officially retired today. Bordallo served the people of Guam for nearly three decades and the last four years as chief of police. His parting words were followed by a final salute from his fellow men and women in uniform.

Bordallo said, "The three operational words I'm going to leave behind with the Guam Police Department is always remember to be firm, fair, and professional - in everything that you do. I'm confident Joe that with the caliber and talent and the skills that GPD has, that Guam is going to be looking really good in terms of public safety and law enforcement."

Truly humbled and honored to be Calvo's pick, Cruz made his first address at Friday morning's press conference where he briefly disclosed his game plan for what he's already calling an all-star team. "My pledge to you as the chief of police is a strong sense of leadership. An unwavering commitment to you and the people of Guam and my most earnest effort to support each and every one of you in the execution of your duties," he added. "I look forward to working with each and every employee, both uniformed and civilian as we too embark on our new journey in taking the great things that you have done and making them better as we continue to serve and protect our island."

After serving as a US Marine from 1985 to 1993, he returned to Guam and joined GPD in 1993, where he served in multiple positions. He left the police department in 2003 and returned to active duty military service with the Guam Army National Guard where he retired as a major in March. The acting chief has a bachelors of science degree in criminal justice, a masters of public administration degree and is currently enrolled in a public policy and administration Ph.D program specializing in criminal justice with Walden University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He expects to complete his degree program in December 2017.