According to the Joint Information Center, residents can now make their way to storm emergency shelters, and have been able to do so since Guam entered Condition of Readiness 2 at 4pm this afternoon. Deputy superintendent Rob Malay says the Department of Education has been securing schools, and preparing shelter sites since Wednesday.

"Today we've been meeting with our shelter managers to make sure that our shelters are ready to go," he explained.

Designated shelters are Machananao Elementary, Astumbo Elementary, and Maria Ulloa elementary in the north. George Washington High School is the designated shelter for Central Guam, while Harry S. Truman Elementary and Talofofo Elementary have been designated as shelters for the south.

For all of you heading to the schools this evening, here's a list of things you need to know. "In real general terms, they should bring supplies for bedding to sleep on and to be comfortable while they bunker down, as well as probably a three-day supply food and drinks like water," Malay continued.

You should also bring a three-day supply of prescription medications, disposable diapers, baby formula, and baby food if you are accompanying infants or toddlers. But Malay warned about items that will not be tolerated, saying, "Absolutely no weapons, no drugs, no alcohol, 110 no open flames, those type of things." Also, there will be no cooking or gas stoves, no smoking on school premises. Smoking will only be allowed in specified areas during COR1.

Identification cards and other vital documents should be secured and readily available. While pets are not allowed, service animals for the visually impaired will be accepted. "The Department of Education just wants to wish all of our families here on the island to be safe throughout the storm. Make sure that your safety, your family's safety, is your number one priority," he said.

Bussing to shelters is available at your village mayor's office.