The Hagatna Precinct turned into a crime scene after a report of a shooting inside the building. KUAM's Krystal Paco was leaving the precinct this evening after covering a story about the arrest of an Agat man accused of murdering his wife, when suddenly there was a commotion and police began yelling and running back inside.

Krystal grabbed her cell phone and began shooting what turned out to be shocking video.

The man arrested was 35-year-old Dumitri Lobanov, taken into custody by Criminal Investigation Division detectives for the murder of his wife, 54-year-old Irena Vaag. She was found dead in their Agat home in early April. She was shot in the face. Lobanov was arrested on a slew of charges including murder, and aggravated assault. 

When officers started running back inside, one of the female officers screamed, "He shot himself!" Police spokesperson Officer AJ Balajadia provided a statementto island media this evening, saying, "Chief [Fred] Bordallo and Police Commander [Maurice] Sayama have been briefed about this evening's shooting death of a suspect who was here at Hagatna Precinct being processed he was being charged with murder, aggravated assault, reckless conduct and possession of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony, and family violence. Chief Bordallo expresses his prayers to the family of the suspect and that he is confidence the detectives with CID and Internal Affairs will work together in conducting a complete investigation of what took place this evening at the Hagatna Precinct.

"As well, the Attorney General's Office will be informed and of the findings of this investigation, crisis counselors have been activated ad requested to come down here to provide counseling to our detectives as well as the officers at the Hagatna Precinct. This is going to last late into this evening, probably early morning. That's pretty  much the only statement we will be giving at this time."

He confirmed that Lobanov was shot tonight here inside the precinct and pronounced dead. It's not clear how he got a gun or to whom the gun belonged. There are no cameras inside the precinct.

Representatives from Naval Criminal Investigative Service were also on-site Monday evening, as Lobanov was a member of the United States military.