Annaliza Ganeb has been teaching at Juan M. Guerrero Elementary School for 19 years and says she was inspired by her mother, Lucy Deluna. "Before she passed away she was an elementary over 25 years. Being exposed to the craft of teaching, it was just very natural to me," she explained.

Ganeb says despite having a career, her mom was amazing, always having time for her children. This was something Ganeb wanted as well. "I knew that I wanted that for myself as an adult," she said.

Ganeb is a teacher and coordinator for the English as a Second Language Program and wanted to ensure that it supported the other teachers at the Harmon school. "They have a larger group and they have those challenges in their classrooms," she said.

As for her teaching technique, she said, "My style is very methodical. I believe the routine, and being organized. Like, where do I start?"

With the wonderful support and encouragement from her fellow teachers and administration, at the end of the day, Ganeb hopes her students leave with solid study skills. "Like being organized, preparing your things properly bring to class, what you need to do to be successful. The same for yourself. If not academic skills but some strong life skills that they can really apply," she said.