Over the weekend KUAM News received several messages on Facebook concerned and in some cases outraged about a post on social media regarding a baby from Guam for sale. The mother of the child contacted us to set the record straight and hopefully catch the person who is doing this to her family.    

"Would love to give her to a nice wonderful family anyone interested she's lost and parents don't want her who's willing to help" - this was the post by user Jesseliaryie Cruz on the Facebook page Guahan Sales on Saturday morning. The post was accompanied by the photo of a little girl and generated plenty of feedback from shocked users, who sent us messages like "is this for reals?" and "this is stupid if it's a joke. If it is then you need to grow up!"

Apparently it is a joke - a sick joke, according to the baby's mother, who's been by the child's side since day one. The mother wished to keep her identity concealed, but reached out to KUAM News after seeing personal ads listing her 1-year-old daughter for sale on pages like Guahan Sales, Things for Guys, and Guam Grabs.

The mother said, "There were more posts that were sent to me that she was up for sale that someone wanted to give her away because we had abandoned her at Agana Shopping Center. And they wanted to give her to a wonderful family because we left her. But she's been with me the whole time." The mother has since reported it to police, but now lives on edge, locking all her doors and keeping her daughter close, this after the realization that she didn't snap the photo in the online personal ads. By the looks of it, the photo was taken last week while the family was celebrating a birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.

The posts appear to have been removed, and so has the posting user who can no longer be searched on Facebook. "I panicked," the woman recalled. "I didn't know what to do. I was scared for me and for her."

And what's worse - this has happened before. "This is not the first. It's the second. The first time that it happened they named a price on her," she said.

When her baby girl was only 3 months old, she was listed for sale for a half-million dollars on Craigslist, Drag Guam, and Facebook. Although it was reported to police, there were no leads or arrests in the case. She said, "She's a wonderful baby. She's smart for her age. She means the world to me and I don't know why someone would do it to her. But I want it to stop if they're out for me or her dad or whoever. Don't do it to her anymore."

This latest incident was also reported to the Guam Police Department.