It was last week KUAM first brought you the story about the arrest of a Fr. Luis Camacho, who was the priest for the San Dimas and San Dionisio churches. The priest was arrested on allegations of custodial interference after he was found with a 17-year-old female minor in a parked car at a beach in Agat. The teenager was supposed to be in school at the time. KUAM News has confirmed that one day after his arrest a report was filed by Deacon Stephen Martinez with Archbishop Anthony Apuron and Child Protective Services alleging that Fr. Luis had "sexual contact" with the minor.  

"It is my belief, based on information that has been brought to my attention, that sexual abuse has occurred," stated Deacon Martinez.   

In an interview with KUAM, Deacon Martinez says he was obligated to file the report based on the Archdiocese's Policy on Sexual Misconduct. The report alleges Fr. Luis illegally transported the 17-year-old girl from her school without her parent's permission. He went on to state that Fr. Luis had the minor hide as they drove away from the school."He then drove minor child to Subway and then to a remote beach in Agat and had sexual contact with her, and that the GPD had arrested Fr. Luis," Deacon Martinez wrote in the report.

In response to the report, Archdiocese of Agana's Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator Deacon Larry Claros told KUAM that, "a canonical investigation is underway and I have done my part as the SARC in coordinating the investigation. It now lies with the Attorney General's office."

After Fr. Luis' arrest the Archdiocese issued a press release stating the Archbishop had accepted his resignation which was effective immediately. The release went on to state that Fr. Luis' faculties had been restricted.