Wettengel Elementary School has been hit by vandals yet again. It was just two weeks ago that over ten classrooms at Wettengel Elementary were broken into.

As school officials reported to the Dededo campus this morning to perform a damage assessment after Tropical Storm Bavi, they realized the school had yet again been broken into. Deputy superintendent Rob Malay said, "After Condition of Readiness 4 was declared, the personnel over at Wettengel Elementary School reported to do a damage assessment. Upon their patrol of the campus they noticed that some schools had been entered, and after further investigation they found a number of other classrooms had been entered."

Guam Police Department spokesperson Officer AJ Balajadia confirmed that approximately four classrooms had been broken into. Malay added, "They observed graffiti and that a fire extinguisher had been sprayed around the classroom; snack items that were kept inside some of the rooms had been taken and eaten."

It's like deja vu all over again as the graffiti, fire extinguisher and stolen snacks mirror a vandalism event that occurred just two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, the Secure Our Schools Act request for proposal is currently out for bid. "They are going to be conducting site visits at all of the schools and that's for potential venders to be able to see what the sites look like so they can make a responsible offer to the government with regard to this procurement effort," Malay said. The Secure Our Schools Act would implement surveillance systems at Guam public schools to deter against instances of vandalism.

If you have any information on the break-in at Wettengel Elementary you are urged to call the Guam Police Department or Guam Crimestoppers at 477-HELP (4357).