As business development manager of Motivational Planning, Carina Fejerang is in the business of making dreams come true. "They come to me with a concept I do the research and I create the entire plan for them. and then I sit down with them and go through it," she explained. "It started to be where people were now becoming successful."

Using her award-winning skills in business plan writing, she's penned the plans behind over a dozen locally owned and operated businesses including Proa Restaurant, Dr. Horonouchi's Wellness Clinic, The Computer Store, Boonie B&B, and Isla Veterinarian Clinic. "It's nice when you hand them the plan and they're so happy they're crying sometimes. That's the same feeling I got initially when my first doors open. That excitement. That its going to take place," she said.

But it hasn't always been easy for Fejerang and her family, who hit rock bottom in 2002.

After struggling to find work in the States, the family packed up and relocated back to Guam where the hunt for work continued.

Fortunately, Fejerang's dream matched her drive and shortly after she opened Salon Paradis in Hagatna.

What she learned was her ability to pen business plans would garner national recognition and that after a trip to the Small Business Development Center, she would meet her mentor, Jim Denny. "He's read over 5,000 business plans and mine by far was the best, and from that, the next day or the week later, I just had a plethora of people calling, can you write my plan? Can you write my plan? I had banks going I have this client who's been trying to open a business now for three years but its just there's too much of it, can you put It together," she said.

But it's not enough to help others pursue their dreams.

Fejerang is a pillar in many local non-profit groups, including the Guam Women's Club, the Guam Council of Women's Clubs, Breaking The Cycle, and the Random Women's Rally (RAWR!). "I love business," she said. "I love business from its fruition. And right now I fall back on non-profit organizations because you start to see the heart and soul of non profits and the true believers and true people who want to help and by being a part of non profits and helping spearhead them and helping make Guam a better place through non profits, your heart gets bigger. I told my daughter once that we may not have much anymore, but there's always something to give. And that's our time and that's our hearts," she said.