Guam - Over the last few weeks the Guam Police Department has been in the headlines, and oftentimes it hasn't been good news. But KUAM News received a viewer video that we just couldn't help but share about Guam's Finest.

Wednesday evening a woman was arrested for child abuse, aggravated assault and family violence. She was booked and confined. As the victim was interviewed, police officers from the Hagatna Precinct realized it was actually the child's birthday. So what did they do? What any decent human being would do: buy the little girl a birthday cake

These chorus of cops got are getting a standing ovation from the online community who posted their comments on our Facebook page:

-TAMMYLADINEMENO: Such a wonderful thing for them to do. I'm sure the little girl will forever remember this moment. Awesome job GPD!

-KALO AGUERO PANGELINAN: Awesome it's good to show these children that it is not their fault and that they are special and should have a special day kudos to you GPD it's nice to hear kind hearted things rather than the bad...hope that little girl has a wonderful bday with many more to come...Happy birthday little one

-JANESSA CORPUS: Every child deserves to blow a candle on their birthday... This is by far the most positive and heartwarming video Awesome Job to the officers Happy Happy Birthday to the little girl God Bless

-JEAN NGIRAUNGIL: You guys are awesome! God bless all of you, good people!

-MAZEL HIGA KAZUMA: Awww way to turn around a bad day for the little girl! Good Job GPD!

-REACHELL CRUZ: It's about time they post some positive things that GPD does for  the island. Keep up the good work Officers!

 We'd also like to say thank you GPD for all you do to keep our island safe.

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